Il Tutorato e la metodologia del lavoro in tandem: convergenze e divergenze

  • Carmen Cavaco


This text aims to analyze the convergences and divergences between work in tandem and tutoring methodologies. The analysis are anchored in theoretical elements of Science Education and in the empirical data gathered in the participatory action research. When we have the traditional model of tutoring, which is based on the transmission of knowledge from a hierarchical
relationship, we can say that there are more divergences than convergences between work in tandem and tutoring. However, if we talk about peers tutoring and intercultural tutoring we can identify convergences between these and the work in tandem methodology. In this case, both methodologies recognize the educational potential of the experience, the importance of horizontal
interpersonal relationships, with people who can share the same cultural references and the same language, being the monitoring oriented towards socialization and integration. Nevertheless, this proximity, work in tandem methodology, beyond these dimensions, is oriented towards autonomy,
participation and emancipation, with the aim of promoting change and reducing inequalities.