La pedagogia tra inclusività e specialità: Il valore dell’accessibilità alle opportunità di apprendimento


  • Elisabetta Ghedin



The reflection proposed here develops starting from the declination in educational contexts of two terms specialty and inclusiveness which also involve the adoption of different practices in the light of the dilemma of difference. It refers to the apparent inevitable choice between, on the one hand, the identification of the differences between children to deal with them differently, with the risk of labeling and on the other hand the highlight of uniformity by offering the same services with the risk of not making available that which is relevant and necessary for a particular student. A reading from the perspective of the Capability Approach is also offered (A. Sen, 1980) which reconsiders the current vision and language in use with that of this approach that declines concepts such as capability, functioning and freedom of choice. We will deal with the semantics between words, that is, the reciprocal relations/connections between signifier and signified. We will therefore try to offer a vision that declines educational well‐being (dimension at the core of the CA) in relation to the opportunities that the term accessibility brings with it to favor the availability of spaces, knowledge and relationships that the school can offer by precluding any specialties and attempts at inclusiveness.




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