La questione insegnante di sostegno, tra evoluzioni, boicottaggi e libertà di fare ricerca


  • Fabio Bocci


The debate about the support teacher has been enhanced last year with a proposal which considers a possible evolution of its role and function that has raised an ample discussion in the scientific
research area and a clear stance on the part of some teachers who have created a form of boycott against the promoter of the proposal. In this paper we analyze the reasons behind this protest,
trying moreover to clarify some problematic issues that risk, if not spelled out and not properly eviscerated, on the one hand to make the debate sterile (wrapping it around a sort of personal case) and, on the other hand, to harden the interested parties on trench positions which don’t allow a qualitative leap towards a comparison and a search for solutions relying on objective data instead of perceptions or beliefs that are not supported by proper arguments.




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