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E&C is an online open access scholarly journal, whose purpose is to publish high quality peer-reviewed scholarly articles, book symposia, critical notices, and book reviews in English, in support of the ASES mission to promote philosophical scholarship and education.

Type of articles - E&C is open to different ideas and approaches, but it is particularly interested in articles from the ontological and metaphysics traditions. It welcomes original articles; reviews; confutations; comments inherent to the fundamental issue of philosophy and in particular of ontology. E&C does not consider submissions that are under review at another journal. We will reject submissions that violate this condition and may refuse to consider further submissions by its author.
Reviewing Practice - E&C is committed to the highest standards of independent double blind peer-review integrity and upholding review. This means that for each manuscript undergoing peer review, authors and referees will not be informed of each other's identity; and the editorial board, including the editor-inchief, will not be informed of authors' identities.
Publication Cycle - E&C comes out every 4 months (3 volumes per year)

President: Emanuele Severino

Editor: Giulio Goggi

Co-Editors: Giorgio Brianese, Federico Perelda, Davide Spanio, Luigi Vero Tarca, Ines Testoni

Executive Editor: Paolo Barbieri
The members of the Associate Editors meet regularly in call conference to discuss the papers submitted to E&C, to choose referees, read the referee reports and decide on whether papers are
1) rejected, 2) rejected with the possibility of resubmission, 3) conditionally accepted or 4) accepted.

Managing Editors: Stefano Avanzi, Yuri Oliynyk

Honorary board: Thomas Sören Hoffmann, Paul Livingston, Bruno Pinchard, Graham Priest, Friedrich-Wilhelm von Herrmann.
Members of the Honorary board are rewarded for their services to E&C. They are invited to suggest issues and collaborations to improve the journal.

Editorial Board: Francesco Alfieri, Francesco Altea, Silvia Benso, Francesco Berto, Luc Brisson, Laura Candiotto, Alessandro Carrera, Hervé A. Cavallera, Gaetano Chiurazzi, Paul Clavier, Piero Coda, Nicoletta Cusano, Biagio de Giovanni, Massimo Donà, Felix Duque, Maurizio Ferraris, Sergio Givone, Luca Illetterati, Leonardo Messinese, Salvatore Natoli, Sebastian Neumeister, Paolo Pagani, Arnaldo Petterlini, Fernando Santoro, Gennaro Sasso, Carlo Scilironi, Italo Sciuto, Davide Sisto, Andrea, Tagliapietra, Francesco Totaro, Mauro Visentin, Vincenzo Vitiello, Santiago Zabala

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Vol. 2 No. 3 (2020): Eternity & Contradiction Journal of Fundamental Ontology
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