About the Journal

E&C is an online open access scholarly journal, whose purpose is to publish high quality peer-reviewed scholarly articles, book symposia, critical notices, and book reviews in English, in support of the ASES mission to promote philosophical scholarship and education.

Type of articles: E&C is open to different ideas and approaches, but it is particularly interested in articles from the ontological and metaphysics traditions. It welcomes original articles; reviews; confutations; comments inherent to the fundamental issue of philosophy and in particular of ontology.
The areas in which contributions may be placed are as follows:

  • Deepenings of the main texts and concepts related to the Emanuele Severino’s thought

  • Articles from the main interventions of congresses or events organized in honor of Emanuele Severino

  • The thought of Emanuele Severino in relation to other authors, borth Continental of Analytical, of the History of Philosophical thought and the History of Metaphisycal thought

The proposed articles will be selected and reported on the basis of scientific relevance, originality, clarity and relevance. E&C does not consider submissions that are under review at another journal. We will reject submissions that violate this condition and may refuse to consider further submissions by its author. 

 Reviewing Practice: E&C is committed to the highest standards of independent double blind peer peer-review integrity and upholding review. This means that for each manuscript undergoing peer review, authors and referees will not be informed of each other's identity; and the editorial board, including the editor-in-chief, will not be informed of authors' identities.

Publication Cycle
E&C comes out every 4 months (3 volumes per year).