Institutional pedagogy

Giuliana Santarelli


Pédagogie Institutionnelle as a term was born in France as part of the Active School (écoles nouvelles) and established itself within the educational cooperation movement inspired by Célestin Freine between the 60s and the 70s. The term Pédagogie Institutionnelle was used for the first time in France by Ian Oury in 1958 in a Freinet movement conference, with the aim of highlighting the complexity of pedagogy, which concern not only the single educational relationship, but the very structure of the educational system. In France, the Pédagogie Institutionnelle was developed among others especially by Aida Vasquez e Fernand Oury following the educational system. This article outlines the ways the Pédagogie Institutionnelle established itself through the work and the ideas of whom contributed to its creation and growth.

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