A training proposal on Non-Sexist Education and Human Development in El Salvador

  • Arianna Taddei
  • Elena Modolo
  • Luca Ferrari


This paper aims to present and critically analyze, from a political-cultural and pedagogical-didactic point of view, the design of training intervention programme on Non-Sexist Education and Human Development in El Salvador, addressed to the key actors of the Salvadoran educational system. Take in account the perspective of inclusive education, this contribute highlights
the strengths, the critical aspects and the possible perspectives to develop of a “blended learning” course (physically and online) about the gender education. Although relevant initiatives have been carrying out recently to promote gender equality in El Salvador and to try to reduce the rate of violence against women, it is necessary to consider that the Salvadoran society has a strong cultural inclination and conservative politics, which could degenerate into actions of strong resistance to the raising awareness processes supported by the training programme.