Esperti di incertezza: il tutor come connettore sistemico

  • Laura Formenti


The tutor, a polyvalent figure, acting at the edge between organizational tasks and educational care, is everywhere: in schools, formal education, career guidance, health organizations, higher education, workplaces, welfare agencies. An ambiguous task, prestigious and yet possibly underestimated, since tutors are less trained, relevant or recognized than other professionals. It is possible, then, to talk about a silent disorientation, at risk of fueling ambiguity. Tutorship, as read with pedagogic-systemic lenses, is a complex and conscious action, aimed at educating and forming subjects in self-observation, as well as of the world and system where they are embedded. Being “a not knowing expert” becomes then the feature of intentional pedagogical intervention, facilitating relationships, communications, deliberate acting. A “backstage” job, calling for specific and appropriate training.