Raccontarsi nella Scuola dell’Infanzia. Per una pedagogia della narrazione fra testimonianza di sé e sviluppo dell’identità


  • Fabio Bocci Università degli Studi Roma Tre
  • Federica Franceschelli Università degli Studi Roma Tre


In this article the Authors present the results of an educational-teaching and research project aimed at increasing the children’s self-knowledge and personal history and their ability to tell their
own personal stories in a coherent and meaningful way, and at encouraging self-expression in different forms. The project was conducted in a pre-school classroom (4-5 years old) and was divided into ten purpose-made educational and teaching activities. The main hypothesis is that educational experiences able to offer children the opportunity and the space to speak about themselves and listen to the personal story of others have a positive influence on the following aspects: a) selfawareness; b) ability to express oneself in a coherent and meaningful way; c) sociability.