Il docente specializzato di sostegno: problemi e prospettive in ottica inclusiva


  • Patrizia Gaspari Pensa MultiMedia Editore


This article analyses the new role of specialized teacher towards children with special needs, in Italian inclusive school. Inclusion implies a (epistemological) redefinition of the concept of education for all specialized teachers and not, to take in and recognize the needs of students with special needs. Inclusive school, by needing to have the revolutionary structuring of institutional framework,
launches a challenge, especially to the traditional role played by the teaching assistant who has to strengthen his/her knowledge and skills, however, without becoming an hyper-specialist. The current scientific debate leads to the evolution of the professional identikit of a teaching assistant who has reached a crossroad marked by antithetical, problematic, in progress, solutions. In
this context it is important to reflect on the epistemological status of special education to underline the specific role of mediator-agent of change teaching assistant, to support differences and diversities, fairly and democratically.






I. RIFLESSIONE TEORICA (a. incontro con la storia; b. questioni epistemologiche)