Pedagogia speciale per l’inclusione: diversità e riconoscimento


  • Lucia de Anna
  • Alessio Covelli



The article presents some insights on the essential foundations that allow to outline in its actuality the scientific framework of Special Pedagogy as “Pedagogy for inclusion”. The inclusive purpose translates firstly into a development of Pedagogy based on the recognition of differences as a constitutive element of the human being. This recognition corresponds to the necessity of meeting the various aspects of human educability beyond limiting categorizations and a mere deficit and compensatory logic of need. The Special Pedagogy for Inclusion therefore focuses its attention on the creation of inclusive educational contexts to address some essential challenges regarding the accessibility, participation and collaboration of the various actors. The recognition of personal specificities in terms of potential and needs is the prerequisite for allowing everyone to be able to learn, grow and improve in the construction of own life project.