La scuola inclusiva: ruoli e figure professionali


  • Lucia de Anna


The international scenery is moving towards an inclusive school. In Italy, this reality has already been established since many years but the transformations and the international comparison raise
new questions and critical reflections. We are paying a close attention on the key factor of the integration and inclusion processes that is teacher training, as has been affirmed during the International Conference of UNESCO (2013): a new tool to develop learning paths for all the students.
We are calling into question the teaching method, from individual to collective. In brief, we are going to analyze our Italian system in pedagogical terms, starting from didactic, with its method
and methodology, passing through the importance of the nets and the collaboration to finally take into account teachers’ role and, particularly, support teacher’s role, claiming its importance. The
storytelling about “Best practices”, the research, the comparison. The specificity of the actions, based on historical sense of our past, motivations, relationships, feelings to improve the creativity
and the expressivity.