La formazione degli insegnanti di sostegno sulle TIC. Analisi dei prodotti multimediali del corso di specializzazione per le attività di sostegno


  • Marta Sánchez Utgé
  • Marzia Mazzer
  • Silvio Marcello Pagliara
  • Lucia de Anna


ICT has been introduced in the Italian school system for more than 20 years (National Informatics Plan, 1985; 1991, National Digital School Plan, 2007; 2015) in order to facilitate teaching-learning processes for all. Researches show that besides access to technology, ICT-related educational innovation success depends above all on teacher training.
In Italy, specialized teaching courses (Ministerial Decree 30/09/2011) prepare prospective teachers for working in inclusive classroom. Within these courses, a 75-hours class provides training for using ICT in the educational processes. The creation of a multimedia product is one of the demands of the final assessment.
On the basis of the analysis of multimedia products presented by the prospective teachers who attended the course at University of Rome “Foro Italico” (2014/2015), the present work aims to highlight good practices but also critical aspects in SEN teachers training on ICT in order to reflect on how to improve training efficacy and impact.