Il docente specializzato: competenza, tutela, condivisione


  • Donatella Fantozzi


Despite the vanguard of the Italian legislation on inclusion, vanguard conquered thanks to Italian scholars who, in pioneering form, have led "stubborn" experiments bringing in evidence as the irreversibility of damage is almost always a false belief, there continue to be weak links mainly identified in three major issues: competence, protection, sharing. Through direct practice before, and over the past decade through the reports of the students of Primary Education, I was able to see how the teaching function of the teacher specialist for the support has not yet found its place
inside the identity 'structure of the school system. The need no longer revocable configure this professional as one who in the classrooms, but I dare say the Colleges of teachers, should 'tendency to', is emerging and asks definitely right to citizenship. Our company scholastic needs of professionals specialized in identifying the demands of each to be able to respond to the questions of all, since the competence on the specific allows you to extend and transfer to the whole community benefits drawn from them, which are nothing if not the expected results for all.