Transizione ad un setting artificialmente vero


  • Loredana Paradiso


Parole chiave:

Revision, pstmodernism, setting, relationship, elightenment


In the last twenty years in the world of Transactional Analysis a reflection and revision of many of its theoretical cornerstones has developed with the result of widening the already varied range of different TA schools and orientations and of providing a different definition of the methodological system, which derives from the former (Gregoire J. 2012). Berne himself had conceived the San Francisco seminars as a “place” (today it would be called a think tank) where he and his colleagues could reflect on their experiences as social psychiatric workers and pioneers of a new method of group psychotherapy, Transactional Analysis (Berne E., 1963). The great technological, cultural and anthropological revolution that has impacted the globalized society now compels us to further radically rethinking also of the meanings and
ways of therapeutic practice, a needed “redefinition” which is necessary in considering postmodern culture, this will be the focus of this contribution.







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