Pedagogy of birth. Beyond corporeality: generative paths of life and culture


  • Stefania Maddalena Dipartimento di Scienze Filosofiche, Pedagogiche ed Economico-Quantitative, Università degli Studi Gabriele d'Annunzio- Chieti-Pescara, Ricercatrice RtdB,



parental care, motherhood, fatherhood, autobiographical method


Birth, generativity, parental care, educative care, parenthood, family, these are the keywords I have chosen to start from for my pedagogical reflection on a complex universe that has traditionally always been approached from a primarily medical, scientific and subsequently psychological, anthropological, sociological point of view, while pedagogical reflection has always tended to remain on the sidelines. On the basis of this reflection, there is a need to explore a new "hermeneutics of birth" insofar as the generative process cannot and must not be reduced to a purely reproductive function pertaining exclusively to the female sphere and considered only from a biological and medical point of view, but rather valued from a pedagogical point of view and from the point of view of human, social and cultural relations. This exploration will also be conducted by listening to the narratives of women and men who have been direct protagonists of this experience with the aim of highlighting the elements of pedagogical and political-cultural care that emerge from the being and acting of motherhood and fatherhood.