Didattica Digitale tra Opportunità Democratiche e Inclusive negli Anni attorno alla Pandemia Covid-­19: Impulsi da Articoli Scelti di Riviste Pedagogiche Italiane


  • Vanessa Macchia Competence Centre of School Inclusion, Free University of Bolzano
  • Stefania Torri Research Assistant | Competence Centre for School Inclusion | Free University of Bolzano




This article examines selected articles from a number of Italian educational journals from the years 2019 to 2023 around the pandemic to reflect on the issue of digital education in schools, with reference to national and European regulations. The links between the digital world and democracy on the one hand, and inclusion on the other, which have come into the debate in recent years, are highlighted. The articles examined show how the use of technology is becoming an accelerator of democratic processes, an opportunity for renewal and transformation, as well as a promoter of digital citizenship based on a critical and conscious use of information media. In terms of inclusion, the digital world has increased the opportunities for participation of people with disabilities, promoted the most innovative pedagogical approaches based on the participation of all and the valorisation of differences, and enabled the construction of a new educational ecosystem.