La radio come mediatore inclusivo: a scuola tra musica e libertá


  • Annamaria Curatola
  • Roberta Rotta



"How to respond to the negative effects on learning caused by the emergency state ‐ COVID 19 and, in particular, to" un‐expected "Special Educational Needs? "How to become resilient to process changes and transform them in order to express oneself to the fullest and grow in harmony as an active protagonist of one's life?" The answer is "learn to smile at life". Radio as an opportunity for cheerful and fun mass media communication, as much as music as a universal language, have both proved to be mediators capable of eliminating any type of barrier, becoming effective tools for creating an inclusive community that also teaches students to deal with anxieties and fears. in a different way that creates acceptance, sharing, and recognition of the other. The radio in particular has proved fruitful from a pedagogical point of view, proposing itself as an intimate living room in which it is possible to talk, discuss and become the protagonists of a project aimed at educating and educating oneself with a smile.