Organizzare l’inclusione. Un percorso formativo “in-service” finalizzato al miglioramento dei processi educativi


  • Alessandro Bortolotti Università degli Studi di Bologna


This paper considers the importance of in-service training for assistant teachers, in Italy commonly known as “support teachers”. Assistant teachers can be also defined as “at risk” people, because
they are deeply connected with human frailty and acking of empowerment. Therefore, they usually have to deal along border lines, where people struggle to get shared rules properly. For these reasons, it’s useful to accompany assistant teachers’ work with in-service training. I believe the scientific literature is lacking on paying the attention this issue should have. In-service training processes are characterized by very different forms, in comparison with the ones devoted to pre-service teacher, which are mostly based on a knowledge transmission which is generic, abstract and decontextualized. The article goes on showing how an in-service assistant teacher training can take into account, throughout a thoughtful narrative approach, some real contextualized everyday experience “in situation”. So that, this Case study may aspire to highlight a helpful way to strengthen and share some critical educational values.