I piani annuali per l'inclusività: un'analisi esplorativa in Emilia Romagna


  • Roberto Dainese Pensa MultiMedia Editore


The Ministerial Circular (CM) of 6 March 2013, no. 8 prot. 561, provided operational instructions for implementation of the new proposals given in the Ministerial Directive of 27 December 2012
– Intervention tools for pupils with special educational needs and local organisation for school inclusion
– calling on schools to draft Annual Inclusion Plans (Piano Annuale per l’Inclusività - PAI).
Teachers are required, in an aware and collegial manner, to constantly document and analyse the needs of students in difficulty, in order to appropriately manage teaching actions in class through appropriate organisational choices and the management of the professional and other resources available in the school. This contribution presents the data that emerged from a a research project on the PAI drafted by schools in Emilia-Romagna at the end of the school year 2013/2014. The first data described herein concerns 187 documents and investigated the following aspects: the establishment of Inclusion Working Groups (Gruppi di Lavoro per l’Inclusione – GLI) appointed to draft the PAI, the information on students in difficulty, the instructions for drafting Personalised Teaching Plans (Piani Didattici Personalizzati – PDP), the comparison between the level of school inclusion reported by teaching in the year in which the PAI were drafted and the proposals for improvement suggested for the subsequent school year.






III. ESITI DI RICERCA (a. ricerca qualitativa e quantitativa; b. Strumenti e metodologie)