Inclusione ed educazione: sfide contemporanee nel dibattito intorno alla pedagogia speciale


  • Andrea Canevaro
  • Elena Malaguti


This article aims to discuss on the Inclusive approach in education and its connections with the Italian Integration System that include in the regular classes students with disabilities (physical, sensory, and intellectual or developmental disabilities..) or with special needs or with specific learning disabilities (dyslexia, ndysorthography, dyscalculia, etc.). From the last forty years the integration of people with disabilities in the Italian scholar system is one of the most relevant social, cultural and political achievement in Europe. This approach will be re-thinking on the basis of the new International emerging approaches.
What does the disability word mean in the contemporary studies of special education? What are the relationships between the Italian Integration System and the European Inclusive Perspective
debate? Should the Italian support teacher assume a developmental support of students in order to transform the traditional role with dual rel ationship (student with disabilities and support teacher) into the “broad proximity supports”?
The paper examine these questions that represent the contemporary challenges for the Italian approach in order to improve its quality on the Integration and on the Inclusion and to give more strenght for contributing to the European Inclusive perspective debate.