Ambienti di apprendimento per lo sviluppo di comportamenti prosociali e Analisi Transazionale


  • Marta Pietrantoni


Parole chiave:

Emotional drivers, prosocial behaviours, self‐efficacy, learning environments


This article arises from the need to invite schools to pay greater attention to the delicate balance between ‘doing’ and‘ being’in students. Today’s society, i.e. the knowledge society, compels us to be exposed to a constant flow of opportunities that can be taken, to experiences which can be lived and to knowledge that can be
gained. However it is up to each individual to find his\her own way while acting with respect towards himself and others. This article suggests to introduce T.A. into the school context with the aim of creating a learning environment suitable for each student and capable, at the same time, of supporting them in adopting pro‐social behaviors. The research is based on the Mastery Interacting Model, developed by Cesare Fregola, and especially underlines the meaning and impact of socio‐emotional involvement on learning related to the different behaviors connected to Emotional Drivers and to self‐efficacy.