L'advocacy per la biblioteche scolastiche: migliorare le opportunità per tutti gli studenti


  • Elizbeth A. Burns



Parole chiave:

advocacy, school library, manifesto


There is a lack of consistency in how school librarians understand and engage in advocacy for their programs and the profession (Burns, 2015; Lance & Kachel, 2018). It is important that school librarians demonstrate the positive impact they contribute to improving instruction for student learners and advancing access so that all learners have equal opportunities. The school library and school librarian should be available to each student (Kachel, 2021).
The School Library Manifesto (2021) includes language to support a strong school library with a qualified school librarian. Advocacy goals can be highlighted throughout this critical set of school library guidelines. Each section of the manifesto provides entry points for advocacy. Through exploration and analysis of the manifesto, this paper explores pathways to advocacy for a school librarian. Ideas suggested in the School Library Manifesto related to new resources and technologies, curriculum, and instructional strategies promote opportunities to overcome the digital divide and other forms of exclusion and provide additional opportunities of critical support for all leaners. Effective advocacy of school libraries, supported by the goals of School Library Manifesto organically presents a clear and consistent path strengthening learning in schools.