CALL Women & Education 1/2024


Gender, maternal bonds and narrated pedagogies
Life histories, collective imaginary and formative experiences

Pedagogical research is also born and self-represented through the life stories it narrates and the educational relationship between mothers and children, mainly in situations of difficulty, crisis, absence and abandonment. Between literature and narration, many avenues of research testify to how education takes shape and how representations of the maternal, present or absent, positive or negative, are inextricably part of the history of humanity and its development. Even in the various educational experiences in fragile educational realities, there is a need for a gender pedagogy that investigates and provides answers that hypothesise and realise change returns forcefully.

Paths of research for possible interventions:

- Stories of mothers and children

- Stories of childhood life

- Pregnancy and employment protection

- Maternity, work, pregnancy at risk

- Early Childhood Educators

- Birth of nurseries

- Women and adoption

- Mothers' figures between symbolism and reality

- Women narrated through literary and movie representations

- Raising and educating different children

- Narrative and feminist movements between education and gender pedagogy

- Training for autonomy and empowerment


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