Servizi per l’inclusione sociale e per l’abitare: possono essere inclusivi anche se sono rivolti solo a persone con disabilità? Lo sguardo interessato della didattica speciale


  • Lucio Cottini



In a recent work, I took under consideration the figure of the professional Socio‐Pedagogical Educator (Cottini, 2021). With the point of view of special teaching, I tried to define the profile, the general and specific skills and the system of values that a Socio‐Pedagogical Educator must set as foundation of his/her profession, in regard to respect for people, their self‐determination, their right to participate as citizens in the everyone’s environment. The Law n. 205 of 27 December 2017 identifies several areas in which this profession can express itself: in the case of support for people with disabilities, from the nest to the school, from the working environment to leisure spaces, from the world of services to the support to advanced age. In this work I deal with a context that for sure represents one that involves most educators (services for people with disabilities in adulthood). In the title, I placed a very challenging question which necessitates a pragmatic answer and a solid anchor to the inclusion and quality of life perspectives.