LD-Coordinator: the new role for dealing with students with learning disorders


  • Nicoletta Rosati Pensa MultiMedia Editore


The article presents characteristics of the LD ( Learning Disorder)1 Coordinator and his role in supporting students with learning disorders. This role has emerged as a result of the growing need
for sustaining the learning process in the presence of students having difficulties with reading, writing, comprehension and counting.
The teacher who assumes the role of LD-Coordinator should encompass different competencies including knowledge of relevant regulations, characteristics of the single disorders, skills in dealing
both with families of LD children and with clinical professionals. The LD-Coordinator must also be well versed in methodologies, strategies and techniques available to utilize in supporting and enhancing the learning process.
The article suggests some ways to develop these competencies by uniting theoretical knowledge and practical experience to form teachers to carry out the role of LD-Coordinator.
The role of the LD-Coordinator described in the article has been defined by the author during the two editions of the Master’s program in “Didactics and Psycho-Pedagogy for Learning Disorders”
and has been experienced by the participants of the same Master.