Christian Inclusion in Educational and Economical Development in Palestine. Socio-Cultural and Economical Challenges in a Context of Conflict


  • Sami Basha Pensa MultiMedia Editore


This article concerns the role that the Christian Community in Palestine plays in various fields, specifically their involvements in education, and consequently on economy. The choice of the title
has found stimulus from both emergency and conviction. The emergency is the way the Palestinians are living; the conviction is according to which education, animated by the Christian message
is the most effective weapon to reconstruct the conscience and to form new generations that are better able to develop and to rebuild the society in all of its economical, political, and social aspects. It is also a reflection on the maintenance of this presence, that has been possible thanks to the potentialities, to the courage and, obviously, to the awareness of its roles and a proposal that looks at the actuality and the future.