Il modellaggio: una forma di apprendimento semplessa per acquisire “nuove” abilità


  • Felice Corona Università degli Studi di Salerno
  • Carla Cozzarelli Università degli Studi di Salerno


The research is aimed to analyze a technique and a learning approach, in particular, based on the shaping of the behavioral responses able to face up simplex situations (Berthoz, 2011) linked to conditions of disability and SEN (Special Educational Needs).
After having focused on the fundamental principles of behavior, it has been analyzed the concept of reinforcement. The reinforcement is the effect that follows a certain behavior, and that determines
the probability that the behavior can be performed, so that it can be considered a necessary and sufficient condition to trigger the mechanisms of learning. In fact, a good methodology to individualize teaching should be based firstly on the construction
of “new” skills, totally absent in a subject, starting from the reinforcement of behaviors that are similar to that ability and continuing to reinforce successive approximations of those behaviors.
When a person with disability, or with mild to medium-severe difficulties is able to master an initial
response, all the successive approximations to the target behavior are progressively reinforced.






III. ESITI DI RICERCA (a. ricerca qualitativa e quantitativa; b. Strumenti e metodologie)

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