Ripensare la disabilità in università: le voci di studenti e docenti


  • Rosa Bellacicco


The university can be a strategic factor in life projects also for persons with disabilities and can promote both their full human development and their access in the labour market. In order to ensure equal opportunities for students with disabilities in achieving these goals, universities organize specific services. Monitoring the quality of these services is essential. This research aims to explore if and how supports offered by Disability Service within University of Turin and, with a wider extent, the academic context (from an architectural, cultural and social point of view) ensure academic success and active participation of students with disabilities in university. Along with the
collection of quantitative background data, “structured focus group discussions” with 38 students with disabilities and semi-structured interviews with 11 lecturers are been realized.
Findings indicate that the student support services, reasonable accommodations for the lecture attendance and individualized exam assessments are, overall, positive and effective. In other areas, such as academic and professional guidance and social life, it is important to work in order to promote projects of Independent Living and to improve more inclusive policies and practices.