Quale evoluzione per il sostegno? L’insegnante specializzato di sostegno come tecnico della mediazione pedagogica e dei percorsi indiretti?


  • Alain Goussot


These article analyse the realtionship between the general teacher and the specialized teacher for support in the italian school, underline the role of the specialized teacher in the costruction of an
inclusive pedagogical project to favour the learning process of the sudents with special needs. The specialized teacher is presented as a a technical of pedagogical mediation to produce educativ experience and learning situation which help all the students and, in particularly, children with disability.
In the learning process the pedagogical osservation to seize the capabilities and the learning style of each students is very important. The practice of pedagogical mediation with the actors of
the school and of the social context make easy the elaboration of an educativ alliance between the school, the families and the social subjects of te comunity. The pedagogical mediation favour
the empowerment of individual and social capacities, is a pedagogical perspectif who help all the students and the teacher to become emancipated. The article explain that the pedagogical
mediation is in opposition with the clinical trend which has invaded the school and risk to transform all kind of difficulties in the process learning in trouble or pathology.