“Something is not”: being, time and nothingness between Severino’s thought and free logics


  • Claudio Antonio Testi Pensamultimedia




In this article I will propose the following thesis: Severino’s demonstration of contradictoriness of the Becoming in an Aristotelian Thomistic sense (ATB) is not an-hypothetically demonstrated, but depends on a linguistic assumption, that is on the use of a specific language; but this assumption is not necessary because it will be demonstrated the existence of another language which is able to speak about the becoming in an Aristotelian Thomistic sense with no contradictions. The argumentation I am going to propose can thus be synthetized:
– If we use Severino’s language (SL), then (ATB) will result contradictory;
– If we use a different language, which I will call FLL, then ATB will not result contradictory;
– Therefore, if we can demonstrate the second passage, we shall say that Severino’s analysis
of the Becoming is not an-hypothetical, because the employ of SL is not necessary, since another different language, FLL, which can alternatively be used in that analysis, actually exists.