Metaphilosophical Sketches between Emanuele Severino and Graham Priest


  • Ines Testoni Pensa MultiMedia Editore


Adopting the metaphilosophical perspective, the article considers some implications of the relationship between two contemporary thinkers able to open two important new perspectives of thought: Emanuele Severino and Graham Priest. Severino reasons with the theoretical instruments involving the logical ones; on the other hand, Priest with that of the logical which secondarily involve the theoretical ones. Both are interested in metaphilosophical questions, among which the relationships between truth, contradiction/non-contradiction, and logic emerge as important. However, their solutions are quite different, if not completely opposite. The aim of this brief essay is not to make a comparison between them, but rather to retrace their possible contributions in normal science and any possible paradigm shift passing through the epistemological question. The paper attempts to open the discussion on their contributions to find their differences but also their possible areas of consonance.