The “Salvation” in the Truth in Giovanni Gentile and Emanuele Severino


  • Hervé A. Cavallera Pensa MultiMedia Editore


salvation, truth, sacred, death, eternity, glory


The theme that connects Giovanni Gentile and Emanuele Severino is the knowledge/participation in the Truth, which, in its characterization as absolute, can be the only way to salvation as a true liberation. Thus at the beginning of the twentieth century, Gentile presents the eternity of the transcendental ego in the dialectic of becoming, which is a constant evolution. In this way he assures in ethics always constituting the nonephemeral meaning of life and salvation in history. In the second half of the twentieth century Severino, after having identified in the actualism the definitive outcome of the philosophy of becoming, reaffirms the eternity of what is, not being existing but an appearance of an eternal. And yet – and it is the hypothesis of the contribution – the two "messages" of salvation, even in their distance, speak a language that is complemented each other. And they speak it for their being a "recovery" of the eternal or rather the "revelation" of the same.