“Golden Implication” The Primary Foundations of the Eternity of Being

  • Giulio Goggi Pensa MultiMedia Editore
Keywords: being, nothing, becoming, identity, implication, eternity


This essay aims at briefly presenting the numerous ways of indicating the eternity of being, insofar as it is being, in line with what Emanuele Severino has shown in his works. In one of his most recent works, Severino himself has named “golden” the implication of the eternity of being on the part of the being itself of being. Such implication is at the core of his discourse and multiple are the ways of its foundations. If we call “original tautology” the appearing of the being itself of being, we can show that the ways of the golden implication depend on the principle of universal opposition of the positive and the negative – the destiny of thought – which is the law according to which Being shows itself in all of its forms.