The Phenomenological Immediacy and its Structure

  • Massimo Marassi Pensa MultiMedia Editore
Keywords: phenomenological immediacy, logical immediacy, being, structure, appearing, transcendental


The present contribution moves from one of the main issues of Severino’s The Original structure, namely, the relation of co-implication between phenomenological and logical immediacy. In their structural relationship, these two meanings of immediacy constitute the original structure of the appearance of being (ens). This structure is characterized by a complex unity, which is articulated into three moments, indicating that something only appears if its appearance appears. The proposal of the present work consists in a comparison of Severino’s position with a classical structure of evidence and implication such as that of the transcendental, which is here conceived in a Kantian sense, namely, as the place of the a priori conditions according to which the data enter the subject’s horizon.