Structural Principles in Emanuele Severino’s Thought

  • Michele Lenoci Pensa MultiMedia Editore
Keywords: principle of non-contradiction,, élenchos,, abstract, concrete, totality, crossing


The essay focuses especially on the three structural principles that sustain the entire proceeding of Severino’s thought and that refer to and imply one another. The first one is the principle of non-contradiction, in Parmenides’ interpretation and not in the Aristotelian interpretation. The second one is given by the statement, of Hegelian and Gentilian origin, according to which every meaning – that is, every being as a signifier – necessarily implies the totality in its concrete and exhaustive content, and vice versa. The third one requires that every being in the earth, which arrives at the horizon of the appearing, is something that must always be overstepped by another being, and so on endlessly.