Inclusione e apprendimento di qualità negli studi universitari


  • Olga Bombardelli



Early dropping out from the university studies brings negative consequences for the students, their families, the society and the economy. This essay aims to analyze the problems related to the poor performance of part of the university student population and develope proposals for inclusion strategies that can help students conclude their studies successfully. The EU 2020 ET (Education and Training) Horizon of the European Union aims at the ambitious goal of bringing tertiary education rates to at least 40% of the population in the age group between 30 and 34 years, promoting social mobility and smart and sustainable growth, and Italy is still far form reaching this level. This paper deals with institutional measures, orientation strategies, effective teaching, tutoring and support methodologies needed to improve the situation, according to the suggestions of autoritative international bodies like UNESCO, and EHEA. The intention is finding a way to overcome obstacles, in economic, teaching/ learning and social fields, contributig to the individual and social common development.






II. REVISIONE SISTEMATICA (a. meta-analisi; b. Evidence Based Education)