Lo sviluppo dell’inclusione scolastica in Catalogna: un processo ancora in sospeso


  • Marianna Piccioli Pensa MultiMedia Editore




The contribution intends to retrace the process of development of school inclusion in Catalonia, a Community that since 1979 has achieved its statutory autonomy from the Spanish State with full
legal responsibility for education. While the European Union operates on inclusive education, reflections and in-depth studies that however treat the Member States in their unity, without descending into the specificity of each autonomy, with the present historical-normative study we wanted to take in consideration of the choices of this Autonomous Community with regard to school inclusion which, in fact, deviate from, and sometimes anticipate, those of Spain. The choices made have led Catalonia towards a school development process that seems to still remain suspended between inclusive cultures, separation policies and multiple practices that have little to do with each other, where the inclusiveness of the system school remains a background practiced only in those contexts in which the single wills determine it.






I. RIFLESSIONE TEORICA (a. incontro con la storia; b. questioni epistemologiche)