Per includere tutte le diversità. Una prospettiva etnografica su identità e differenza nei contesti scolastici


  • Isabella Pescarmona Pensa MultiMedia Editore


Starting from the assumption that diversity is a normal human experience, the article would discuss
the goal of inclusive and equitable education, which is highlighted in the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable
Development. By adopting the perspective of the philosophy of education by I. Sheffler and
the studies in Educational Ethnography, the article will discuss the usual categories which are employed
to define Identity, Diversity and Human Potential. It will analyse how these contribute to
shape labels that could lead to inclusion or exclusion of students from the learning process. Complex
Instruction will be proposed as a means of developing a more rich and multifaceted vision of
school contexts and of the identity of people who teach and learn there. Finally, the article debates
the conditions for recognizing diversity as an opportunity in the educational project, and thus making
the school a more equal and inclusive context.