La Teoria dell’Attività per l’educazione inclusiva: una riflessione a partire dal pensiero di Hegel


  • Diego Di Masi Pensa MultiMedia Editore
  • Giovanna Miolli


One of the main challenges that inclusive education faces on a daily basis is collaboration. The
latter may occur on different levels: within the classroom, among teachers (microsystem); at the
territorial level, between the school and organisations involved in the socio-educational and health
system (mesosystem); at the level of the educational community, between teachers and researchers
(esosystem). This contribution problematises this last dimension and argues that the Activity
Theory represents a theoretical-practical model useful to share approaches and conceptual
tools to transform educational practices through an inclusive perspective. After a presentation of
the paradigms used in inquiry into inclusive education, the article illustrates the historical evolution
of the Activity Theory and explores some philosophical concepts developed by Hegel that inspired
the theoretical elaboration of the model.