Il sociodramma come strategia di inclusione contro l’abbandono scolastico precoce


  • Marta Codato


This work starts from a reflection on early drop out. This phenomenon still concerns the 13,8 % of Italian young students but should be reduced to 10% by 2020, according to the Europe 2020 Strategy. Early drop out is caused by many factors: among them it is possible to cite economic reasons, the migration background, the place of residence, the level of education of parents. There are also causes within the school that make learning difficult and could contribute to early drop out: for example personal and interpersonal problems, connected to self-esteem and eventually to bullying, learning difficulties or an unappropriate teaching organisation.
The focus of this work is on promoting greater student’s inclusion through the use of active methods, such as the sociodrama of Jacob Levi Moreno. Sociodrama by contributing to counteract emotional and relational problems could also reduce early drop out.
An experience of sociodrama has been realized within two first classes of a Vocational School, which were characterized by considerable behavioral and relational difficulties; the activities carried out have made it possible to understand that students need to talk about themselves, to learn to listen to others, in short, to find a space of mutual acceptance within a place (“the school“) from which they often feel excluded.
Among other pedagogic measures sociodrama could be a good strategy of inclusion against early drop out.






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