The Contributions of Video-Analysis in Early Care and Education Research

A review of the Literature


  • Dr. University of Bologna
  • Dr. University of Bologna
  • Professor University of Bologna
  • Dr. entre for Diversity and Learning, Ghent University
  • Prof. Institute of Sociology Jagiellonian University


This paper presents a review of the literature on the use of video-analysis in Early Childhood Education and Care contexts. The purpose of conducting such review emerged from the needs of exploring possibilities and limitations of video-analysis as a research mediational tool in ECEC services, especially in a European context. Constituting an integral task of a larger study funded by the Erasmus + grant program, and titled Transition Children and Kindergarten, this review considers English language studies and studies written in the language of the project partner countries (i.e. Italy, Poland, and Belgium). The narrative synthesis of the studies considered develops around four emerging areas in which video-analysis in ECEC has been used already, namely: (1) teachers/parents/community’s reflection/consciousness and empowerment; (2) diversity and inclusion; (3) interaction children-educator; (4) music education in ECEC settings. The paper ends with a final conclusion on the relevance of video-analysis for ECEC practitioners’ professional development and collaborative growth.