Call for papers: Education and the COVID-19 Pandemic


Year XIV, Vol. 27, Special Issue (September 2021)


The COVID-19 pandemic and associated lock-downs are having a profound effect on education but the current situation is also creating new challenges for Education. The COVID-19 pandemic resulted in education pivoting to emergency remote teaching. There are many potential applications of pedagogical theory, practice, and research that can contribute to learning success at this time of crisis and new ideas of remote learning and teaching are emerging, being tested and evaluated.

The IJEduR Editorial Board hopes that this Special Issue will provide a platform for educators and researchers to share ideas, perspectives, experiences and lessons learned. Articles could cover research in a wide range of areas including: effects on students, teachers and parents; shifts in technology-enhanced learning; adaptations of specific learning practices, such as collaborative learning, active learning, problem-based learning, and project-based learning; assessment and evaluation of student learning; surveys that look into, with appropriate analysis and synthesis, a range of local practices and their effectiveness.

It is possible to submit contributions dedicated to educational research methodologies and to evaluative research in education in three sections:

- Researches: the main text is limited to 6,000 words (not including abstract, References, tables and figure legends);
- Experience: the main text is limited to 5,000 words (not including abstract, References, tables and figure legends);
- Studies: the main text is limited to 4,500 words (not including abstract, References, tables and figure legends) .

Language: Italian, English

Guest editors: Pietro Lucisano (Sapienza University of Rome, Italy), Achille M. Notti (University of Salerno, Italy).

This call for articles of this Special Issue will have a deadline for submissions of 30th May 2021.

In order to be accepted the manuscripts must follow the Guidelines for Author provided by the journal. In case of non-compliance with guidelines all the papers will be rejected.