Scrittura a mano e DSA: un percorso di miglioramento dell’abilità di scrittura


  • Cinzia Angelini



In 2014, the Laboratory of Experimental Pedagogy at the University of Roma Tre conducted a
research on handwriting with 365 pupils of the last three years of primary school. Besides the
general improvement in handwriting skills, the results were particularly successful with the
manuscripts produced by pupils with learning disabilities. Therefore, further research was
conducted only on some of these manuscripts. They were analysed considering the four categories
of handwriting: movement, spacing, form and pressure, each observed through five
specific items. The manuscripts produced at the beginning of the activity were confronted with
those produced at the end, after three months during which the pupils had been asked to handwrite
a short text every day. A general improvement was observed in all the pupils and in all the
categories. Some items in each category were more successful than others: space organization,
letter dimension, handwriting movement, and pressure, which became much more regular and
well distributed.






III. ESITI DI RICERCA (a. ricerca qualitativa e quantitativa; b. Strumenti e metodologie)