IX Convegno Internazionale “La Qualità dell’Integrazione Scolastica e Sociale”: passi avanti verso una scuola più inclusiva


  • Francesco Zambotti Libera Università di Bolzano


The 9th International Conference “La qualità dell’integrazione scolastica e sociale” took place in Rimini from 8th to 10th of November 2013. The Conference is promoted by the Erickson Research and Publishing House. More than 3000 participants among teachers, researchers, educators, psychologists and therapists took part in the morning plenary sessions and in more than eighty afternoon workshops. This is one of the most important meeting for the wide community of professionals, associations, teachers and people with disabilities to share their visions and experiences about inclusive processes in school and society.
The article will present the major tendencies raised from the Conference. In particular three major issues will be discussed:
– the urgency to build up effective inclusive policies and practices, not only at school level, in order to promote an “inclusive revolution” on the cultural Italian context and on the professional profiles of people involved within the educational and school careers;
– the need to innovate the learning processes especially during class time. We need to place a value on pupils (even with difficulties) as main characters of learning time. In we still have a traditional didactic approach to learning, that is not worthy for inclusive processes. The frontal lesson method is used for the most part of the time by teachers in every school grade;
– the need to strongly relaunch once again the educational alliance between School and Family. Parents and families ask for a strong recognition and value of their educational role within the individualized plans for their children. They want to be more involved, more represented in the educational choices, not in contrast but together with School to build inclusion.