Il sistema educativo maori come pratica di resistenza: l’agency nativa e le politiche educative tribali


  • Chiara Carbone


In this paper I would like to introduce some aspects of the maori pedagogy, exploring some important historical facts that influenced the construction of an educational system in New Zealand. Focusing on the organization of a “maori way” to educate the future generation, after the cultural revolution of the 70', the Maori develop an indigenous schooling system as a way to decolonize
themselves and the native culture itself. Some scholars consider this practice as a kind of decolonization strategy to rebuild an indigenous pedagogy.
The native agency is an historical force that drives the process of a cultural change and a tool by which the Maori success and claim back their autonomy and their right to a self-determination as the indigenous people of New Zealand. One of the most popular groups of the Cultural Revolution is the Kohanga Reo Movement. The actions of this group were fundamental to understand how
an indigenous pedagogy was rebuilt and help to construct a new sense of belonging between the maori communities called Maoriness.