Verso il canestro e oltre! Baskin per promuovere inclusione e prosocialità: uno studio pilota


  • Pasquale Moliterni
  • Maria Elena Mastrangelo


The action research, that results, focuses on the hypothesis that an inclusive education, based on integrated sports (baskin) could promote prosocial behavior in young people with and without intellectual and relational disability.
The research methodology involves the administration of a battery of validated questionnaires to assess the prosocial behavior and related dimensions such as the empathy quotient, emotional intelligence and creative thinking in two groups: one experimental and one control. The experimental group consists of 32 young people with intellectual and without disabilities , who practice integrated sports (baskin); The control group consists of 35 persons without disabilities, which have characteristics comparable with those of the experimental group, and they never practiced sports inclusive nor attended training courses together with people with disabilities. The questionnaires are administered before the activity (pre-test) and after four months of practice of baskin (post-test). To study and monitor the quality of the inclusive process in place, we are used traditional instrumentals of qualitative research, such as systematic observation, interviews and reflections on group
About statistical data analysis it is observed that a major variation dates the activity are found in the group with Disabilities. Non-parametric tests reveal a "beneficial effect" significant of Creativity and Emotional Intelligence, and other effects although not significant on prosociality. As for the group that has practiced the activity is improving, although not statistically significant, for Creativity and prosociality. The comparisons with the control group, showing an improvement for Creativity. The motor and sports education assumes, therefore, cultural meanings, educational and social ethics, as a privileged vehicle of inclusion and development of education to health and citizenship.






III. ESITI DI RICERCA (a. ricerca qualitativa e quantitativa; b. Strumenti e metodologie)