Ability, Capability, Competence, Empowerment: l’imprescindibilità della formazione aziendale


  • Crescenza Mazzaracco


Ability, capability and competence are fundamental elements in the process of self development. The value of developing skills through training empowers workers and in particular workers with disability. An integrated view of the workplace and disability is possible and pedagogic research is looking into the workplace as a place in whitch relathionships can be created and can result improvements in the productive process. A new empirical research explores these issues through a qualitative and quantitative research and it shows the importance of training in the workplace.The paper presents the theoretical framework and the national critical reflections made to support the protocol of a research started by the University of Genoa. This research aims to investigate:
the presence of disabled children in the nurseries of Liguria; the type of prevalent disability in these institutions; the reasons of families in the choice between attending or not the nursery by the child; the educational action designed by educators and the ability of the service in responding to the needs of families where there are children with disabilities. The paper highlights the characteristics of the nurseries in Liguria (with particular reference to the nurseries of Genoa) and their legislation. The paper also highlights the educational and pedagogical purposes of the nursery and its relational, social and cognitive opportunities offered to children with disabilities. Finally,
the paper ponders on the need of the educators to provide adequate educational design and proper structuring of space, time and educational activities in order to make the service truly responsive to the needs of children with different types of disabilities.






III. ESITI DI RICERCA (a. ricerca qualitativa e quantitativa; b. Strumenti e metodologie)