Growing and learning in multidimensional surroundings. Connecting inside and outside school experiences

  • Juana Maria Sancho Gil Pensa MultiMedia Editore
  • Adriana Ornellas


The paper begins discussing the deep and significant change and transformation undergoing young people’s social and learning experiences in contexts thoroughly mediated by digital technologies and social media. Today secondary students are very different from how their parents and teachers were. Their experiences, expectations, values, ways of learning and behaviours seem sometimes far away from those of teachers and schools who could have difficulties in connecting with their interest and engaging them in meaningful learning processes. This has led us carry
out a collaborative research with and about young people. In this study five groups of students in the last year of the Compulsory Secondary Education (CSE), from five different schools, have developed five ethnographic studies about how they communicate,
express and learn inside and outside school, with the support and collaboration of some of their teachers and members of our research group. The results focus on the opportunities or otherwise schools and students promote for connecting inside and learning experiences and knowledge. It also raises a set of challenges for secondary education.