Applying a flexible approach in a professionalizing online course: a case study

  • Lorella Giannandrea Pensa MultiMedia Editore
  • Laura Fedeli


Flexible learning is nowadays widely used to describe a variety of aspects (time, content, approach, delivery, etc.) which are  considerably affected by the different teaching/learning scenarios. The paper presents a case study framed in an online specializing course to train online tutors. The aim of the investigation is to highlight the potential of designing a flexible learning path using different online spaces and tools. The design of the course implied the use of aspects of flexibility that showed to have affected both the learning process and students’ attitudes towards e-learning. Besides flexibility is also meant here as a necessary characteristic of the professional profile of the online professional (tutor and teacher) and was a main learning outcome of the course. The diverse support offered to students by the teaching team during the course and the structure itself of the course acted as a  model of flexibility.